48 years old looking for a wife
About mei want to find a wife forever.A commitment is like embarking on a quest of a journey to the deep corners of the earth searching for something you believe in so much that no obstacle can stop your from doing so ........A commitment when you fully in i
Caste: raja
Sheikh Fiqqa Sunni Girl rishta from Lahore
About meAge 28' female' pesha koi nahi' city Lahore' zaat sheikh' taleem matric' fiqqa sunni' zuban Urdu. Massage larki talaaq yafta hai srif sanjida family rabta kare.
Caste: Sheikh
looking for cute, honest, polite, loyal life partner
About meI want to marry a girl who has good behavior, soft language, honest, lovable, loyal I'll make her very happy in the rest of life I'll set her like a princess , I'll love her a lot. and I'll find a good job for my self.
Caste: Khan
Seeking educated respected Well mannered muslim lady
About meShe must be well educated, well mannered and respected family also beautiful.
Caste: Somro
Groom from Islamabad
About meI need a Life Partner...I am from Islamabad Sector F-6, I am 28 years old, doing my own business, caste memon. If you are interested and looking for more details please contact me on my facebook or text me on mention number, regards
Caste: Memon
Jutt boy rishta working in bank
About meShe must be polite simple and loyal. Doing job in a Bank. for more details plz contact me on mu number. Thanks
Caste: Jat
Rajput boy working in ministry of defense proposal
About meI am doing my job in ministry of defense as a chef. I am very simple sincere caring down to earth simple man. For more information about me contact me on my number.
looking rishta/marriage proposal for my daughter
About meMy daughter is doing Law and BA. She is young jolly but at the same time responsible and family oriented also easy going.
Caste: Sheikh
Syed Sunni Family Girl Rishta
About meTo give a reboot to my life partner & want to live as she wants. I am humble & care kind of personality who always thinks positive. Live & Let Live. If interested knowing more about me, contact!
Caste: Syed
Islamabad boy Seeking for second wife
About meHi, I am already married and looking for a proposal for second marriage. Please contact me on 03458500451. I have done chartered Accountancy and working in a multinational company. I will give a separate house to my second wife.
Caste: Malik

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