Looking for an amiable girl (wife) for our son

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We are looking a suitable rishta for our son
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We are looking a suitable rishta for our son

Our son after finishing his education now works as a User Interface Designer/Front End Developer (Junior position) for a Web/Print Marketing Design Studio in the field of digital marketing; having reached 4 years’ experience within the field is now looking for a senior position moving forward. He is very hard-working, self-motivated, ambitious and a strong desire to continually improve himself to reach a high level within his working environment.  He is quite a relaxed person, easy-going, down to earth, easy to get along with, a good sense of humour and chilled out. He appreciates the simple things and loves having a good laugh with others, he is moderately outgoing with a fun and upbeat attitude. Likes being outdoors, walking whenever possible especially during a cool summer breeze.    He also likes to read, play video games, watch movies/TV series and go out with his brothers and friends (pool, bowling, mini-golf etc.).  He is well natured, respectful to his elders and helps as much as he easily can. Being an honest person himself very much enjoys the company of his close family and friends. He is fond of eating and tries out different cuisines, especially desserts (has a sweet tooth), but compensates by frequently going to the gym, doing martial arts and keeping fit.   In our Son’s word: My parents are from Pakistan Punjab (Faisalabad and Lahore) who came here to UK in 1994 when I was very young - 4 years old. We are Sunni SYED (Gilani), small family but well educated. My father was an army officer before he moved to the UK and my mother has most of her time been a home maker. My father worked in the IT industry for 15 years and my mother worked in childcare for 3 years. Currently they are both self-employed and work together running their own business.  I have one elder brother who is married and one younger brother. We all are very tight and close to each other. We are a simple and straightforward family. My parents are both realistic/practical practising Muslims, they both inspire and guide us. I always get my guidance from my parents who tell us that family is important. Knowing my parents who are very loving and caring people, not having a daughter of their own would cherish a daughter in the form of my wife.

Specific details

Age: 26 years
Caste Syed
Children: No
Cigarettes: Do not like
Height: 5 ft - 11 in
Interests: Music, Movie, Photography, Cars, Sport, Technology
Language: Other
Marital status: Single
Pictures Included Yes
Profession: Official
Religion Muslim
Sect Sunni
I am looking for: Wife


Grays, Essex UK


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